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You smell like sin
I am the devourer
I prey on luscious bodies

I rip veils of resistance
And reap the innocence of nakedness
I make trembling orifices drip

You taste like sumptuous sin
I will prey on you
And pray for forgiveness…

Jide Badmus




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Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba

We are two 
pieces of puzzle
seeking a whole

so we conjure
the spirit of light
to distill the dark

Like live wires
we connect, a bridge
of bodies — en route ecstasy!

Jide Badmus
14th April, 2018.



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If victory has a body
it would be littered with scars 
that can’t quite tell tales of broken bones
&a soul that was once a war zone!

My scars are golden chaplets
around my torso; blood smeared in fingers like
sins slip away, hiding in places palms, thighs.
My body once was a crucifix. 

My spirit breaks down at a crossroads
of will and weakness,
traversing fiery paths with barefooted hopes; 
a fatal fugitive running into shadows!

My soul is servitude to dark places;
a grin on the face of a burnt body.
and through the valley of death, I’m 
a troubadour telling tales, worn out songs.

My smile is a fetter girded on a warlord;
his tears hidden underneath his pride.
a swollen carcass of bleeding blessings; 
sweet spirit in a broken body.

Slowly I break out, a strand of light – 
a line of crack heralding fragrant melody, 
a hatching chorus – spelling beauty 
across a sky that had only known struggle.

Adaora Chinedu & Jide Badmus 
13th April, 2018